Engagement statistics

Studies continue to show that the greatest source of inefficiency for organisations lies in working relationships.

  • Employers typically spend a total of 13 days in management and HR time on each disciplinary case and 9 days on each formal grievance submitted. On average employees spend 12 days each year complaining, moaning, criticising and generally off focus (CIPD 2007).

  • Only 30% of people are actively engaged at work (Source: Gallup).

  • 80% of people leave jobs because of relationship issues and most of those are with their immediate supervisor (Source: Saratoga Institute).

  • Managers typically lose 25-30% of their day to unnecessary conflict, argument and misunderstanding (Source: Dana).

  • Only 30% of people trust their bosses (Source: McLeod).

  • Two thirds of staff feel undervalued at work (Source: Mori).

  • Studies consistently show Managers are the greatest source of stress at work.

The same ‘people issues’ keep on reappearing. We don’t seem to have the solutions or indeed to be making much progress in preventing or resolving these ‘people problems’.

We need a new approach, one that:

  • is transforming rather than informing (we expect too much from information).

  • is relevant to the worker of today.

  • promotes self-management.

  • embraces ownership and engagement.

  • resources people to be self-driven and accountable.

  • adds technology to strategy.

  • is future-oriented.

  • creates collaborative relationships.

Collaborative Relationships

When processes aren’t working, everyone sits up and takes notice but when relationships aren’t working, they are somehow seen as interfering with work. Really, relationships are every bit as much a part of work as processes are and also need to be engineered and tweaked.

Collaborative relationships don’t just happen. They need to be created and maintained once they are in place. They are critical to your business success. Collaborative relationships are the most efficient way to run your business.

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