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bp2w® Global Case Studies on the Transformative Employee Engagement Software

Environment Agency Logo

10:1 Return on Investment and Zero Grievances

Phil Winlow Director of Business Finance The Environment Agency

Our evidence is that staff are more productive and working together more effectively enabling us to reduce the size of the teams by 30% and still improve outcomes. Finance sickness absence was one of the worst in the Environment Agency when we commenced the programme and within two years we had one of the lowest. We went from an average of 20 people with Bradford scores over 1000 to just two people in a three year period…

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Absenteeism down from 12 to 4 days over a two year period

Cross Keys Homes is Peterborough’s largest Housing Association, managing over 10,000 homes.

Absenteeism was Cross Keys Home’s biggest area of concern with the average number of days absence per full time employee at 12 against a sector benchmark of just 5 days. Cross Keys was looking for a solution that would involve staff taking ownership – thus furthering the organisation’s employee engagement agenda. An Even Better Place to Work was chosen as the solution. It is designed to improve staff satisfaction levels…

Barley Lane Primary School Logo

Attendance improved leading to savings of 40K

Mr Mark Ingham Head Teacher – Barley Lane Primary School, Romford

When Mark joined Barley Lane Primary School he introduced An Even Better Place To Work. Mark had enjoyed success with the initiative some two years previously when he used it at a school in Leicester. The benefits to staff there included the opportunity to break down “emotional barriers” and help them to conduct open conversations and discuss their own needs as well as understand the needs of colleagues…

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Driving up the Bottom Line

Karen Meaden Organisational Development Manager, Seimens

The decision to introduce and cascade the An Even Better Place to Work solution at Siemens, was as Karen Meaden recalls driven by “the need to increase our profit by 10% over 2 years. “It was a simple business imperative. We saw that in order to do this we needed to improve the way people were managed and interacted with other departments – this would improve our efficiencies and in turn contribute to improved profit.”…

Yorkshire Water Logo

Over Achievement of 73%

Vicky Farrell – Team Leader Angela Kay – Safe-Move Advisor

While it might be difficult to attribute financial success to a specific people initiative, studies consistently show that organisations with engaged, happy staff, financially outperform those with disengaged employees. Since introducing An Even Better Place to Work four years ago, Safe-Move (part of Yorkshire Water) has seen its absenteeism and attrition rates improve. There has also been measurable improvement to productivity…

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Time gains of 50% – Customer Satisfaction improves by 3% – all in 3 months

Tracy Trew Head of UK Digital, Lush Digital Ltd

When I took over management of Customer Care the team lacked organisational skills, were understaffed for the workload and there were unresolved conflict issues between management and team members. The team lacked the skills for resolving conflict successfully and communication was poor. Morale was at an all-time low, and the team had little respect from the rest of…

NHS Logo

The NHS/Yeovil District Hospital People Business Case

Maurice Dunster & Ali Morris Yeovil District Hospital

This project was triggered by two main realisations. The first one was due to a challenge from a trust board member because of the poor employee survey results for 2015. The second one was linked to the fact that it was becoming increasingly difficult to attract the right talent into the organisation. When you couple this with the increasing rate of staff turnover and absenteeism…

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