We help to Increase Profits, by Improving Employee Performance

2024 Global Recognition Award New York Employee Engagement Software and Solutions

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We help to Increase Profits, by Improving Employee Performance


2024 Global Recognition Award New York Employee Engagement Software and Solutions


2024 Global Recognition Award New York Employee Engagement Software and Solutions

We help to Increase Profits by Improving Employee Performance

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What is bp2w<sup>®</sup>

What is bp2w®

An Even Better Place to Work® (bp2w®) is a proven online, self-managed Transformational Employee Engagement Software Solution.  Growing leadership engagement and wellbeing.

It delivers fast, quantifiable results that quickly creates collaborative working relationships.  Leading to higher levels of engagement, productivity and increased profitability.

bp2w<sup>®</sup> Diagnostics

bp2w® Diagnostics

Our bp2w® Diagnostics are an online, real time solution that gives you an indication of Leadership and Team Engagement Satisfaction levels across your organisation.  bp2w® provides comprehensive analytics and reporting, allowing you to track the success of your initiatives and make data-driven decisions. 

Empowering your team by leveraging the insights gained through our software and creating a positive work environment, that fosters growth and productivity.

bp2w<sup>®</sup> Solutions

bp2w® Solutions

Our complimentary mood@work diagnostic is your Level 1 Introduction to bp2w®.  An innovative tool, designed to access the emotional atmosphere of your workplace.

Level 2 begins your remedy journey as you transform employee engagement with our cutting edge technology across 7 key indicators

Level 3 is where bp2w® provides self-managed solutions and activities

Level 4 is satisfaction@work, where your engaged employees continue driving performance.

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Engagement options

Our program is designed to create an all-inclusive culture, focusing on your business and employees’ specific and unique needs. Assess the overall emotional atmosphere of a workplace.

mood@work offers the starting point along the company’s journey and supplies valuable insights into the emotional well-being of employees. Culminating in satisfaction@work, creating An Even Better Place to Work® with bp2w®.

Achieving Outstanding Results

Staff Retention
Employee Engagement
Satisfaction at Work
Absenteeism Reduced
Productivity Increased
Profitability Up

Engaged People Drive Performance

bp2w® is the ideal choice because it focuses on creating a positive and engaged work environment, leading to increased morale, commitment, and productivity. By addressing and meeting the needs of individuals, a culture of high esteem is fostered, enabling employees to take ownership of their own issues, challenges, and performance.

Choosing bp2w® offers a range of benefits:

  • Increased ownership and accountability

    Employees are empowered to take ownership of their work and are held accountable for their actions.

  • Time saving

    The program allows for a more efficient use of time, enabling employees to focus on their core responsibilities.

  • Improved profitability

    The positive work environment and increased productivity contribute to improved profitability.

  • Happier and more productive teams

    A positive work environment leads to happier employees and increased productivity.

  • Reduced absenteeism and attrition

    A positive work environment leads to decreased absenteeism and employee turnover.

  • Improved efficiency and productivity

    By addressing individual needs and empowering employees, overall efficiency and productivity are enhanced.

  • Decreased moaning, blame, and criticism

    Fostering a culture of empowerment and ownership reduces negativity within the workplace.

  • More openness, trust, and collaboration

    A positive work environment encourages open communication, trust, and collaboration among team members.

  • Improved morale

    A positive work environment and increased employee engagement result in improved morale

  • Increased engagement

    The program promotes increased employee engagement and commitment to their work.

  • Higher levels of motivation

    Employees are motivated to excel in their work due to the positive culture and empowerment.

  • Individuals feel more valued

    The program focuses on meeting individual needs, making employees feel valued and appreciated.

  • Develops great leadership

    The program helps develop strong leadership skills within the organisation.

  • Reduced people problems

    By addressing individual needs and fostering a positive culture, issues such as conflicts and complaints are minimised.

Customer Testimonials

Jenni Jones
Jenni Jones Head of Organisation Development

This is a wonderful tool, easy to apply and just makes plain common sense - ingenious!

Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson Founder - Future Work Forum

"This is so much more than another HR programme. It's a business-driven lifestyle for the 21st century organisation."

Trisha Western
Trisha Western Head of Training and Development - Sony

"A powerful innovative way to engage staff. We got some very important issues onto the table"

Karen Meaden
Karen Meaden Organisational Development - Siemens

"The programme had real impact on the bottom line. We were able to resolve issues with key customers which, left unresolved, would have cost us a lot of money"

Mike Wilsher
Mike Wilsher Managing Director - The Executive Foundation

"It's an extraordinarily effective and outrageously priced system that delivers big"

Sarah Cooper
Sarah Cooper Head of HR - BAE Systems

"What I love about an even better place to work is that it's both top down and bottom up. It works for the business and for the individual too"

Ken Gordon
Ken Gordon Head of Training - Maritime Coastguard Agency

"Without doubt some of our people who were not ‘natural’ leaders, have benefited enormously from this programme."

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