Scalable Learning Collaborative Leadership Powerful Analytics
Scalable Learning Collaborative Leadership Powerful Analytics
What is BP2W®?

An Even Better Place to Work® (BP2W) is a proven online, self-managed system for growing leadership, engagement and wellbeing. It delivers fast, quantifiable results that quickly creates collaborative working relationships, leading to higher levels of performance.

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Engaged People Driving Performance

Why BP2W®? Our philosophy is simple. Create more happy and engaged people at work and levels of morale, commitment and productivity will flourish. By identifying, measuring and meeting people’s needs, you create a high esteem culture that empowers individuals to own their own issues, challenges and performance. People ask “what am I going to do” not “what is management going to do for me”.

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Steps to Outstanding Leadership

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Who is BP2W for?

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Feeling valued and listened to are key ingredients for high esteem, morale and motivation. BP2W® cultivates a needs met’ culture resulting in individuals becoming more accountable, collaborative and receptive to feedback.

BP2W® develops more openness, trust and accountability. For teams this creates a stronger sense of unity and identity. With the politics out of the way, teams become more solution focused leading directly to higher productivity.

Attract and retain quality people. Become an employer of choice. With BP2W® you can expect fewer people problems, less attrition and reduced staff turnover. This frees up time for leaders to lead and focus more on strategy and the business of the day.

What are the benefits?

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  • A freeing up of  time
  • More ownership & accountability
  • Fewer people problems
  • Happier more productive teams
  • Less moaning, blame & criticism
  • Reduced absenteeism & attrition
  • Greater efficiency & productivity
  • Improved morale
  • More engagement
  • Higher levels of motivation
  • More openness, trust & collaboration
  • Individuals feel more valued
  • Develops great leadership
  • Improved profitability

The business case for BP2W

BP2W People Cost Calculator

Every organisation strives for more efficiency, increased performance and higher profitability. It’s a default state required for growth and evolution. The key to achieving these goals lies in your people. If your staff are happy, motivated and engaged at work they are more likely to give their best. Unfortunately, the reverse of these conditions are also true. The cost of disengaged people in the workplace is huge. Relationship breakdown and dysfunctional conflict contribute to one of the largest hidden business costs.

Click on the button below and use the BP2W® People Problem Cost Calculator to help gauge the financial impact of disengaged staff to your organisation.

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Our clients include not only large corporations but also emerging growth and smaller companies across all major industry sectors, as well as educational institutions. They value An Even Better Place to Work®, as an ideal resource when time and budget are limited.

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