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bp2w® is 5% diagnostic – 95% solution

Imagine going to the doctor and he tells you you’ve got eczema, but then, offers you no medicine. You are unlikely to get better. bp2w® provides you not only with a diagnostic but with solutions in the form of activities. It is 5% diagnostic and 95% solution. The 28 activities are designed to improve the bp2w® diagnostic scores. They are the medicine!

The speed training activities:

  • Are facilitated by team members

  • Typically take 20 minutes

  • Are fun and easy to facilitate

  • Include 4 activities for each of the 7 indicators

  • Are run every 3 or 4 weeks

  • Are transformational i.e. they bring about changes in working relationships

The bp2w® system is ‘intelligent’. It works out your team’s lowest indicator score and suggests an activity for your team. If you record this activity in the activity schedule, it then appears in everybody’s activity schedule. Also, 7 days before the activity is due to be facilitated, the system sends you a prompt.

Rather than create a special meeting for running an activity, you may want to add it to an existing team meeting – activities only take around 20 minutes.

These activities resource people to take ownership for improving the quality of their work lives. They form the core of the bp2w® solution. They provide a highly effective way to engage your team and get them taking ownership for their development – In effect, you are creating a self-managed L&D resource.

bp2w® is the medicine for your organisation’s challenges and the 28 speed training activities are designed specifically to improve your diagnostic scores.

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