The BP2W 7 Key Indicators

How do you measure the soft skills of leadership and engagement e.g. people feeling valued, engaged, motivated, open etc.? This is precisely what the Satisfaction@Work diagnostic does. It measures against 7 indicators of people who are engaged and well lead. There are 4 questions for each indicator and these questions can be customised.

People who are well led:

  1. Feel Valued – they feel appreciated and appropriately rewarded – people believe in them – they are made to feel special and hence they act special
  2. Are Open – they are receptive to new ideas and engage in genuine two way communication – can talk freely about those delicate and difficult issues
  3. Engage in Feedback – they recognise the importance of regular constructive feedback to improve performance
  4. Are Motivated – their abilities are recognised and utilised – they have positive feelings about the job and colleagues – have an intrinsic drive to achieve and support colleagues
  5. Manage their Differences – they create collaborative relationships with colleagues and ensure any differences are not allowed to get in the way but are seen as a source of strength
  6. Take Ownership – they take ownership for getting their needs met rather than moan behind backs. They view leadership as a partnership and take joint responsibility with the leader for being led
  7. Conflict Free – they engage in proactive feedback and hence dysfunctional conflict is minimised and time is not wasted.