Steps to outstanding leadership

Step 1: The bp2w® Diagnostic

The bp2w® diagnostic is an online, real-time diagnostic that measures levels of team satisfaction and engagement in your organisation. It identifies people’s needs and the levels to which they are being met and empowers them to take ownership for improving the quality of their work life. It consists of 28 questions and takes just five minutes to complete.

  • It asks “How are you doing?” not “How are we, management doing?”

  • It focuses on both individual and business needs

  • It takes 5 minutes to complete, making it ideal for busy people

  • It uses assumption free questions, providing ‘clean’ data

  • 90+% completion rates results in high quality data

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Step 2: Immediate Results

With dynamic, easy to interpret reports being instantly available people take ownership for improving the quality of their work lives. Team members can evaluate their own data, own their own challenges, and explore solutions themselves within their team.

  • Colourful, easy to interpret charts – no need for external consultants

  • Measures leadership, engagement and well-being

  • Reports are immediate and in real time

  • Data goes back to teams to find solutions, not HR or management

  • Personal reports are confidential and people are encouraged to share

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Step 3: bp2w® Solutions

bp2w® not only provides a diagnostic but an activity. It is 5% diagnostic, 95% solution. It is the remedy, the antidote to any issues uncovered by the diagnostic. The activities quickly improve the diagnostic scores and levels of performance.

  • 28 activities designed to improve diagnostic scores

  • Only take 20 minutes and are facilitated by team members

  • Transformational not informational i.e. brings about change

  • Improves morale, collaboration and productivity

  • Self-Managed and grows ownership in a safe way

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Step 4: Set Goals

After completing the diagnostic, the team leader facilitates a review meeting where personal and team goals are agreed. These are scheduled and tracked through the system which helps develop a culture of accountability and ownership.

  • Individuals and teams set goals to enhance performance

  • All the diagnostic questions are actionable

  • People ask, “What am I going to do?” not “What is Management going to do for me?”

  • People commit to improving the quality of their work-lives

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Step 5: Track Progress

By periodically re-taking the diagnostic, progress can be tracked at individual, team and organisational levels. Detailed analytics not only monitor progress but identify  patterns and flags problems early so action can be taken before they develop into a crisis.

  • Tracks progress for individuals, teams and whole organisation

  • Not checking up on people but checking out if needs are met

  • Flags issues early, preventing crisis

  • Reduces time, emotional and financial costs

  • Informs strategic decision making

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Step 6: Resources

A comprehensive library of supporting resource material is included in the Level 2 subscription package. This includes tips, articles, posters and video tutorials to ensure you get the very best from the bp2w® solution.

  • Resources leaders to be successful

  • Recognises great, excellent and exceptional leadership

  • Changes mindset and behaviours so business improves

  • Quick tips, videos, coaching questions and lots more

  • Identifies 7 steps that results in exceptional leadership

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