Employer Engagement Diagnostics

Creating a Productive Employee Culture within Your Organisation with bp2w®.

In today’s dynamic job market, it is important to focus on building enduring careers, rather than simply jumping from one job to another.

To achieve this, effective employer engagement practices are crucial.

Once you have determined your strategy, it becomes imperative to ensure that your employees understand how a business operates and what is expected of them.

By addressing the business needs of employers, you can assess who is actively contributing to the success of the organisation and who may need support.

Together, you can work towards increasing productivity and achieving success.

Our comprehensive approach covers various aspects that are essential for both the business and employee journey.

We delve into topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Culture, Cybersecurity, Cyber Risk, Harassment & Abuse, and Fraud.

By focusing on these critical areas, we enable you to create a work environment that promotes employee satisfaction and productivity.

Ultimately, this leads to a stronger and more profitable business, benefiting all stakeholders involved.

Discover what it takes to build a positive employee culture that adds value to your business requirements.


This diagnostic evaluates the alignment of Business Objectives within employee engagement.

artificial intelligence@work

This diagnostic assesses the Integration and Impact of Artificial Intelligence in the workplace, and life.


This diagnostic evaluates the Organisational Culture and its influence on employee engagement.


This diagnostic assesses the organisation's efforts to Maintain Cybersecurity and Protect Employee Data.

cyber risk@work

This diagnostic evaluates the level of Cyber Risks and vulnerabilities within the organisation.

harassment & abuse@work

This diagnostic assesses the prevalence of Harassment and Abuse in the workplace.


This diagnostic evaluates the organisation's practices to Prevent and Detect Fraudulent activities.


This diagnostic measures Employee Satisfaction and Engagement levels within the workplace or organisation.

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