bp2w® people

The Right Blend of Global and Local

Our global team consists only of experienced local practitioners in the field, all of whom have previously worked in multinational environments.

With 10 regional offices and over 50 consultants, trainers and support personnel across the world, An Even Better Place To Work Limited offers global delivery capability blended with the flexibility and sensitivity to adapt our solutions and training delivery to meet local needs and expectations.

The Executive Team

Shay McConnon Chairman & Founder

Shay McConnon Chairman & Founder

Shay is the founder & creator of An Even Better Place 2 Work®. This is the world’s first on-line, self-service culture enhancing solution which is currently being used by TNT, BAE Systems, Siemens, NHS, Astra Zeneca and others.
Shay’s involvement with the business has been crucial to its success so far, and we are eager to keep him involved as we move forward.
Shay’s insights and knowledge are unrivalled, and his guidance will play a significant role in the future success of bp2w®

Shay is a regular speaker at conferences, a Fellow of the Professional Speakers Association awarded speaker of the year by Vistage, the world’s largest organisation for CEOs and top speaker by the Academy for Chief Executives.

Brian Bakeberg Chief Executive Officer and Co Owner

Brian Bakeberg Chief Executive Officer and Co Owner

Brian is a seasoned leader with a proven track record of transforming organisations both culturally and financially. Over the years, he has opened and acquired numerous businesses, establishing himself as a reliable and innovative entrepreneur.

His vision is to create a bp2w® global franchise operation, a dream he has already realised in Australia and Southern Africa, and negotiations are currently underway in Singapore, UK and USA. With his experience and success, Brian is well-positioned to take bp2w® to new heights.

What sets Brian apart from other leaders is his ability to influence the logic of others for great results. His innovative techniques have consistently improved company and employee performance, and he offers thoughtful, comprehensive, and constructive feedback that promotes productivity and fosters a positive company culture.

Brian is a unique and effective thinker, who is constantly searching for ways to improve himself and those around him. He is a force to be reckoned with, a high performer who cannot help but succeed. He is the glue that keeps everything together, and an asset to An Even Better Place 2 Work®

Orla Bakeberg Chief Marketing Officer and Co Owner

Orla Bakeberg Chief Marketing Officer and Co Owner

Orla is a true wordsmith with a deep passion for writing. Her love for the written word is only matched by her second passion, natural light photography.
With well over 2 decades of experience as a seasoned entrepreneur, Orla’s skills have helped to build multinational brands, marketing to millions of consumers across Africa and Ireland.
As a creative and focused individual, Orla has a talent for bringing well-worded content to life.
Working together, An Even Better Place 2 Work® will benefit from her exceptional copywriting skills and help grow our brand.

Orla’s expertise in delivering creative and strategic communications is invaluable in creating effective content for bp2w® various platforms, including email and written communications, newsletters, promotional materials, social media, and website.

In summary, Orla’s passion, skills, and experience make her an indispensable asset to the growth of bp2w® and its brand message.

Adewole Williams Regional Director Nigeria & West Africa

Adewole Williams Regional Franchise Director Nigeria & West Africa

Meet Wole, a seasoned Project Manager with a BSC degree in Economics. With a proven track record in the human resources employee engagement industry, Wole brings a wealth of experience to the table. His expertise lies in program and project management, with a particular focus on team building.

Having amassed years of management and leadership experience in renowned multinational companies, Wole is well-versed in navigating the complexities of the corporate world. He tackles assignments with utmost dedication and professionalism. Wole's extensive experience and unwavering passion make him a perfect fit for the bp2w® philosophy.

His region can undoubtedly look forward to witnessing remarkable achievements under his guidance. We wish him all the best. Welcome aboard!

Colin Bakeberg Regional Director Australia

Colin Bakeberg Regional Franchise Director Australia

Colin is a highly experienced specialist manager with over 25 years of expertise in understanding and managing the needs of consumers and retailers. With an impressive track record of owning and managing numerous businesses, as well as working with the largest FMCG companies in Sub-Saharan Africa and Australia, Colin has an exceptional commercial mindset and a deep understanding of managing, growing, marketing, and route-to-market principles in this industry. Thanks to his excellent communication skills, Colin is well-equipped to manage both internal and external stakeholders, driving sales and profitability and delivering sustainable growth for An Even Better Place 2 Work®. We are thrilled to have him join our team and believe that his skills and expertise will be invaluable in helping us achieve our goals in the Australasian region. We are excited to have him working alongside us at An Even Better Place 2 Work®.

Shea Heaver Regional Director, U.S. & Canada