Work With Me Diagnostic

What is Work with Me?

Work with Me is an on-line, questionnaire based tool that helps team leaders gauge the effectiveness of their leadership style. It invites feedback from work colleagues asking them to score against twelve key leadership behaviours.

How does it work?

Work with Me shares many similar characteristics to that of a typical 360/180 but rather than the data remaining anonymous, the results can be seen by both the team leader and the person giving the feedback. This openness and candour creates an opportunity for constructive conversations to then take place.

Team leaders decide who they want feedback from and then invites these people to complete 12 simple questions. The process takes just five minutes to complete and the results are instantly available. Easy to interpret graphs and charts high light lower scores in red and in turn an opportunity to meet with colleagues in a 1-2-1 to discuss. It is ideal for team leaders who want to check if their leadership style brings out the best in their colleagues.

As Work with Me invites proactive feedback, you will have fewer people problems, improved leadership and more collaboration. As such, it compliments and extends what ‘An Even Better Place to Work’ is all about.

The spirit is summed up in these words:-

  • If you don’t tell me I will never know
  • If I don’t know, I cannot meet your needs
  • Work with me so we get it right for each other
Work with Me

Next Steps

To experience the benefits of Work with Me, a FREE trial is available for a limited period of time. Please apply in the form below or call +353 87 700 2602 for more information.

Work with Me FREE Trial Application

Work with Me – FREE Trial

The Work with Me free trial is for small groups or teams up to 12 people. It includes one diagnostic attempt per team member followed by a period of one month where results remain accessible for team leaders. Please apply using the form below and member of our team will get back to you shortly after.

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