What is bp2w®?

What is An Even Better Place to Work (bp2w®)?

With over 18 years of experience in Diagnostic innovation, bp2w® is a globally recognised online self-managed tool. It goes beyond being just a program and acts as a powerful business tool that fosters collaborative working relationships.

By implementing bp2w®, organisations can experience enhanced leadership growth, team development, and an overall improvement in the quality of work life for everyone involved.

You might be wondering:

"Haven't we tried similar initiatives in the past?"
"Will this add more work for me?"
"Do people understand how busy I am?"

Rest assured, bp2w® is designed to alleviate your workload. As individuals take greater ownership, you will find yourself dealing with fewer people issues and having more time for other important tasks. Let bp2w® empower your team and create a more Engaged, Productive and Profitable work environment.

How will you benefit from using bp2w®?

  • A work force that is Engaged
  • A freeing up of your time
  • More ownership from everyone
  • Greater efficiency and Productivity
  • Fewer people problems
  • A happier more productive team
  • Less moaning, blame and criticism
  • Increased Profitability
  • Reduced absenteeism and attrition
  • Increase staff retention
  • Improved morale

How does it do this?

The bp2w® system offers a comprehensive range of diagnostics, tools, resources, interventions, videos, activities, posters, quick tips, and more.
These valuable resources empower Employees, Employers, and Human Resources to enhance the quality of their work lives.
Unlike traditional HR-driven approaches, bp2w® is fuelled by the participation of individuals and teams. It delivers solutions at both the local and corporate levels.
With bp2w®, you'll witness a culture of ownership where people actively organise activities, seek feedback, and engage in conversations with colleagues regarding real work and relationship challenges.
The bp2w® approach fosters engagement and ownership, prompting individuals to ask themselves, “what am I going to do?” rather than “what is management going to do for me?”

Why is this approach needed?

We continue to face the same people problems that we did over 30 years ago. It is evident that a new approach is necessary - one that is transformational rather than just informational.
Enter bp2w® - a transformational solution that fosters openness, trust, and collaboration, going beyond mere talk.

Unlike other approaches, bp2w® has not been derived from academic models or theories. Instead, it has been developed by genuinely listening to the needs of middle managers. This is why bp2w® is user-friendly and delivers tangible results.

Think of bp2w® as an Anti-Virus software for your team. It effectively addresses issues without disrupting performance, ensuring that productivity levels remain consistently high.

By embracing bp2w®, your team will experience fewer people problems, heightened engagement, and increased ownership from every individual. These factors naturally lead to enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Choose bp2w® for a fast track to building collaborative relationships.

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