What is An Even Better Place to Work?

BP2W is a proven on-line, self-managed tool for growing leadership, developing teams and improving the quality of work life for everyone. It is not so much a programme as a business tool that creates collaborative working relationships, leading to higher levels of performance.

You might be saying to yourself:-

  • Haven’t we had initiatives like this before?
  • Is this more work for me?
  • Don’t people know how busy I am?

BP2W will actually free up your time as people take more ownership and you have less people issues to deal with.

BP2W Leadership

How does it do this?

The BP2W system provides diagnostics, tools, resources, interventions, videos, activities, posters, quick tips etc. which enables people to improve the quality of their work lives. BP2W is driven not by HR or management, but by individuals and teams. It provides solutions at the local, not just the corporate level. 

You’ll see people taking ownership for running activities, inviting feedback and initiating conversations with colleagues about real work and relationship issues. Engagement and ownership are embedded into the BP2W approach. The question constantly asked is “what am I going to do?” rather than “what is management going to do for me?

Why is a new approach needed?

We continue to have the same people problems we had over 30 years ago. Obviously, there is the need for a new approach, one which is transformational rather than informational. BP2W is transformational, it creates openness, trust and collaboration and doesn’t just talk about it. 

BP2W has been developed not from some academic model or theory but from listening to the needs of middle managers, which is why it is friendly and delivers results.

BP2W is a bit like having an Anti-Virus piece of software in your team. Issues are dealt with without interfering with performance, so the productivity levels remain high.

By engaging with BP2W, your team will have fewer people problems, greater levels of engagement and more ownership from everyone which of course leads to greater efficiency and productivity.

BP2W engagement options

An Even Better Place to Work is a developmental solution. It’s structure and delivery path operates across four levels. Levels one, two and three are designed to transform behaviours and mind-sets. Level four will maintain these changes. To find out more about what each level includes, please click here.

BP2W People Cost Calculator

People Problem Cost Calculator

Calculate the financial impact of disengaged staff to your organisation.