Employee Engagement Diagnostics

Unlocking Engagement within Your Organisation.

Discover the key to unlocking success in your organisation, with our bp2w® Employee Engagement Diagnostics.

These diagnostics provide valuable insights into the level of enthusiasm and dedication that your employees feel toward their job.

By understanding and addressing employee engagement, you can pave the way for a more satisfied workforce, boosting job satisfaction and employee morale.

Our platform takes a holistic approach, covering various aspects of the employee journey within your business.

From addressing sensitive employee issues such as General Mood, Unconscious Bias, Inclusivity, and Connectedness, to promoting Employee Wellbeing & Work-Life Balance, Safety, and Sustainability, our diagnostics leave no stone unturned.

By focusing on these critical areas, you can create a work environment that fosters employee satisfaction and productivity.

Don’t let unwanted issues hinder your organisation’s progress.

Our Employee Engagement Diagnostics provide a comprehensive view of what it takes to create a positive employee culture that adds value to your business requirements.

Take the first step towards a more engaged and motivated workforce today.


This diagnostic measures the overall Mood and Emotional Wellbeing of the employees.

unconscious bias@work

This diagnostic assesses the presence of any Unconscious Biases in the workplace.


This diagnostic evaluates the Inclusivity and Diversity practices within the organisation.


This diagnostic measures the level of Connectivity and Collaboration amongst employees.


This diagnostic assesses the Physical and Mental Wellbeing of employees in the workplace.


This diagnostic evaluates the Safety Measures and protocols in place to ensure a secure work environment.


This diagnostic assesses the organisation's commitment to Environmental Sustainability.


This diagnostic measures Employee Satisfaction and Engagement levels within the workplace or organisation.

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