Human Resources Engagement Diagnostics

Engagement and Productivity: Driving Unprecedented Profitability with bp2w®.

This platform is a comprehensive collection of employee experience surveys that provide in-depth insights into workplace practices.

These surveys gather valuable information about your employees’ sentiments regarding Appraisals, Reviews, Ethics, Candidates, Training, Culture, and Satisfaction.

By transforming this data into actionable insights, the platform guides managers in determining their next steps.

Human Resources is responsible for finding, recruiting, screening, and training job applicants, while also ensuring that the organisation’s strategic intent plans are addressed and achieved.

It requires a delicate balance between fulfilling employee needs and meeting the objectives of the business.

The Human Resources Engagement Diagnostic platform helps highlight areas where this balance can be achieved, with the ultimate goal of aligning business strategy with employee needs.


Offers valuable insights into employee performance, retention, engagement, and other important HR metrics.


This diagnostic assesses the effectiveness and fairness of the first stage of the Appraisal process.


This diagnostic effectively assesses and uncovers the strengths, weaknesses, and growth opportunities within your team.


This diagnostic uncovers the Ethical DNA of your organisation: empowering informed decisions and driving positive change.


This diagnostic assesses the Experience and Satisfaction levels of Candidates throughout the recruitment process.


This diagnostic evaluates the Effectiveness of Training and Development programs provided to employees.


This diagnostic assesses the Alignment of HR practices within the organisational culture.


This diagnostic measures the level of employee Satisfaction with HR processes and services.

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