Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Needs diagnostic
Measures wellbeing engagement and leadership
Immediate results
Explanatory tutorials
Team review of diagnostic results
1-2-1 conversations about needs
Questions to ensure 1-2-1s are successful
Ability to record goals
Option to retake diagnostic and track progress
Senior Team Review – special dashboard
Internal benchmarking
Telephone support
Familiarisation workshop for team leaders  
Take diagnostic as often as required  
28 activities (20 mins each) to improve scores  
An activity schedule  
Comprehensive list of resources.  
Ability to integrate additional resources, articles, tips, posters, videos etc.  
Consultation with line manager  
7 steps for Needs Driven Leadership  
Leadership infographic sent monthly to team leaders (1 minute read)  
Indicator video sent monthly (3 minutes)  
Systemised proactive feedback    
Self-managed 360    
Ability to invite feedback from other teams, customers and suppliers    
Skilling in constructive conversations    
Track progress at individual, team and organisational levels    
Measure against the 7 steps for Needs Driven Leadership    


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BP2W may change your monthly subscription fee as some time in the future and will communicate any price changes to you three months in advance and, if applicable, how to accept those changes. Price changes will take effect at the start of the next month following the date of the price change. Subject to applicable law, you accept the new price by the user continuing to use the Products after the price change takes effect. If you do not agree with a price change, you have the right to reject the change by cancelling your BP2W subscription to the Products prior to the change going into effect.

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