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What if there is a tool that enables you to get into the heads of your audience, understanding what their needs are? Using the bp2w® mood@work as a guide, you can directly focus on the needs of the audience, to create Transformational Change.

Understand your audience better & build a new revenue stream



• Introduce the program to the client pre-event.
• Complete diagnostic across the board pre-event
• This will assist you in identifying the needs of your audience.
• Return with results and solutions, focused in your client’s specific
business needs.
• Sell in solutions “deep dive diagnostics”, with a 12-month bp2w® plan
(per person per year)
• Return with results and solutions-focused activities.
• Provide system solutions along with specific workshops training
and coaching to cover their needs.
• The bp2w® Concierge will supply all reports and engagements after that.
• Your growth opportunities lie in your visiting the client if and when
required, in order to sell in further engagements.


Delve Deep into Client Requirements

In today’s dynamic business environment, the ability to precisely understand the unique needs of your clients sets you apart as a distinguished Coach, Consultant, Speaker.

Harnessing sophisticated tools, such as bp2w® Performance Management Solutions, can significantly enhance your capability to deliver targeted, impactful presentations.

Why Understanding Clients' Needs is Crucial
Tailored Solutions: Each organisation has distinctive challenges and goals.
Understanding these nuances allows you to offer bespoke solutions rather than generic advice.
Enhanced Engagement: Clients feel valued and understood when you address their specific needs.
Increased Effectiveness: Tailored strategies are more likely to be implemented successfully, leading to better outcomes.

Understand the Needs of the Employees

Creating a Resonance with Employee Sentiments
Employees are the cornerstone of any organisation. Gaining deep insights into their needs and aspirations ensures that your engagement strategies are not just well-structured but also highly

Key Points to Consider
• Cultural Sensitivity: Understanding the cultural fabric of the workforce to align strategies accordingly.
• Behavioural Patterns: Identifying what motivates and demotivates employees using datadriven insights from bp2w® Performance Management Solutions.
Feedback Mechanisms: Implementing robust channels for continuous feedback to fine-tune engagement strategies.


Evaluate Every Level of the Organisation

Holistic Organisational Analysis
Effective Coaches recognise the importance of evaluating the entire organisational structure to pinpoint exact areas for improvement. This comprehensive approach ensures no level is overlooked, fostering a cohesive work environment.

Why a Comprehensive Evaluation is Essential

Identify Gaps: Determine gaps in communication, skill sets, and resource allocation.
Strategic Alignment: Ensure that the organisational goals align with employee roles and performance.
Cross-Level Engagement: Promotes a culture where every level of the organisation feels connected and valued, facilitated by intuitive bp2w® Performance Management Solutions.

Address the Needs

Proactively Addressing Identified Needs
Once needs are identified, the next step involves creating actionable plans to address them. It’s about converting insights into tangible improvements.

Strategies for Addressing Needs
Custom Workshops: Designing workshops that specifically target identified gaps and needs.
Personalised Coaching: Offering one-on-one or group coaching sessions, tailored to specific organisational challenges.
Interactive Sessions: Using bp2w® Performance Management Solutions to monitor participation and feedback during and after sessions to ensure ongoing engagement.


To learn about the business benefits of joining our worldwide network of service providers

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To learn about the business benefits of joining our worldwide network of service providers

Contact Brian using the form below to learn more.

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