bp2w® for Remote Teams

Work remotely and continue to develop your people

We are living in uncertain times because of Covid-19. In the short term we going to see work practices change dramatically. People are being asked to work remotely, which brings both new opportunities and challenges. 

The challenges

  • How do we maintain team morale and motivation levels?
  • How do we discover the issues affecting home workers?
  • How do teams stay connected?
  • How do we ensure productivity remains high?
  • How do leaders work remotely and continue to develop their people?

To achieve all this, we suggest 3 online steps for team leaders.

  1. Listen to the needs concerns and feelings of your people.
    This is achieved by completing a short, on-line diagnostic about people’s needs and if these needs are being met.
  2. Empathise and problem solve on these needs.
    Team leaders have an online 1-2-1 with each team member about their diagnostic results. Team leaders have access to some great 1‑2‑1 questions which will stimulate conversations about needs.
  3. Stay connected.
    Every few weeks the team leader runs an activity designed specifically for remote teams These activities are delivered online and are fun, engaging and transforming.

Follow these three online steps to grow team morale, create a sense of team connection and maintain productivity levels.

People can retake the needs diagnostic and have the follow-up 1-2-1s as often as they wish. The cost for all this is only £4 per person, per month and people can stop any time they like.

BP2W for Remote Teams

Next Steps

To experience the benefits of Work with Me, a FREE trial is available for a limited period of time. Please apply in the form below or call +353 87 700 2602 for more information.

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Work with Me – FREE Trial

The Work with Me free trial is for small groups or teams up to 12 people. It includes one diagnostic attempt per team member followed by a period of one month where results remain accessible for team leaders. Please apply using the form below and member of our team will get back to you shortly after.

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