BP2W levels of engagement

An Even Better Place to Work is a developmental solution. Levels 1, 2, 3 are designed to transform behaviours and mind-sets. Level 4 will maintain these changes. While each level stands alone, used sequentially, they become a powerful tool for culture transformation that will be sustained.

Options Details Training support Time
Level 1 Satisfaction@Work diagnostic + review activites + 1-2-1 None required 1 month
Level 2 Satisfaction@Work diagnostic + review activites + 1-2-1 Familiarisation workshop for team leaders 12 months
Level 3 Everything from Level 2 + Additional activities, resources and diagnostics Key skills training 12 months
Level 4 BP2W as a business tool None required As required

Level 1 – the Satisfaction@Work Diagnostic

The seven Satisfaction@Work (S@W) indicators are measured and tracked in a 28 question diagnostic. Results are immediately available and teams meet to review scores and set team and personal goals.

The leadership team can review the S@W scores across the whole organisation and make targeted interventions.

Level 2 – Speed Training

This comprises short, fun, team based activities grouped around the seven Satisfaction@Work indicators. It provides ‘safe’, low level feedback within the team and comes with an optional resource kit for ease of delivery. The Satisfaction@Work diagnostic can be retaken as often as required.

Level 3 – In depth Training

Everything from Level 2 is here, plus full access to a range of supplementary indicators, 29 additional activities, videos and further resources. It provides high level feedback with people proactively inviting feedback from their colleagues, other teams, customers, suppliers, and problem solving on needs (often described as an extended self-managed 360).

Level 4 – Maintaining the Changes (as required)

As the need mind-set and behaviours are likely to be now in place, it will no longer be necessary to run the team activities, but we strongly suggest the S@W diagnostic is re-taken every 3 or 4 months, to ensure performance levels are maintained. It is now no longer a ‘programme’ but becomes a business tool for people excellence.

The BP2W transformation journey begins with 1-2-1 relationships, moves to teams, across teams, the whole organisation and finally to customers and suppliers. This journey takes place when people engage with Levels 1, 2 and 3.

BP2W is a proven on-line, self-managed tool for growing leadership, developing teams and improving the quality of work life for everyone. It is not so much a programme as a business tool that creates collaborative working relationships, leading to higher levels of performance.

Try the Satisfaction@Work diagnostic for free. Up to 12 of your colleagues or team members can trial the survey to see just how easy and user friendly BP2W is.

BP2W People Cost Calculator

People Problem Cost Calculator

Calculate the financial impact of disengaged staff to your organisation.

What does each level of BP2W include?

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Needs diagnostic
Measures wellbeing engagement and leadership
Immediate results
Explanatory tutorials
Team review of diagnostic results
1-2-1 conversations about needs
Questions to ensure 1-2-1s are successful
Ability to record goals
Option to retake diagnostic and track progress
Senior Team Review – special dashboard
Internal benchmarking
Telephone support
Familiarisation workshop for team leaders
Take diagnostic as often as required
28 activities (20 mins each) to improve scores
An activity schedule
Comprehensive list of resources.
Ability to integrate additional resources, articles, tips, posters, videos etc.
Consultation with line manager
7 steps for Needs Driven Leadership
Leadership infographic sent monthly to team leaders (1 minute read)
Indicator video sent monthly (3 minutes)
Systemised proactive feedback
Self-managed 360
Ability to invite feedback from other teams, customers and suppliers
Skilling in constructive conversations
Track progress at individual, team and organisational levels
Measure against the 7 steps for Needs Driven Leadership